Spare Ribs

  • 22 March, 2021
16" Longhorn

If you grab them with your hands, devour with gusto, get sauce all over your mouth, smearing up towards your cheekbones, then drop the bones sucked dry of every fibre of meat and sauce so they clatter dramatically on your plate, then noisily suck each and every one of your fingers clean of all that sticky barbecue sauce….

….if that’s you, then you are my kind of people.

And welcome to the pork ribs of your dreams!

These oven baked pork ribs recipe are:

super easy

the meat is tender

ribs are infused with flavour from a rub AND braising the ribs in apple cider;

finished with a simple but incredibly tasty homemade barbecue sauce.

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Spare Ribs

If you grab them with your hands, devour with gusto


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Die Spare Ribs sollten am besten frisch sein. Aufgetaute Ware wird in der Regel trocken

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