Haus Hiltl


We are so proud to annouce the cooperation with the oldest Vegetarian Restaurant in the world Hiltl and Cactus Jack BBQ Smokers and Black Fire BBQ Grills.

The Hiltl Academy Cooking Class is organizing 3 BBQ Classes for 2022 to get started in the down town the financial district of Zürich in Switzerland.

There is a 16″ Chuckwagon Ranch  Barbecue Smoker from Cactus Jack fully equipped (cooking with well seasoned fruit wood) and an

Assado BBQ Rotisserie Grill from Black Fire  (with self produced Charcoal from hard wood and or with quality charcoal) and an Outdoor Chef Gasgrill as a third option.

ready for you to use under guidance of an well experienced Hiltl Academy Cooking team with great recepies for you to take after the classes home and to copy !



We from Cactus Jack and Black Fire believe that vegetables and fruits and like this an entire rich and color full and well balanced BBQ Dinner or Lunch are important.

Any great steak or fish needs ‘colour’ or garnishment around it. To be honest who is an well expierenced expert for BBQ or grilling vegetables and fruits and has a variety of recepies at the hand ?

Usually we leave those things to the house wives who have to do and cook and prepare it in the kitchen while the man or the BBQ profi is doing the fish or the meat on his preferred grill or BBQ.

But the family is not together and you cannot join and be with your guests and friends. Now with those cooking classes you become also a hero in all elements and you

have a variety and a color full and tasty menue you can easily cook on your or on any BBQ.


16» Indiana Joe 2024 demontierbar 4 mm Stahl

Der erste demontierbare Black Fire Indiana Joe!

1990 CHF

790 CHF

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