First I take enough time, because the more time I give myself, the better it gets (like in the kitchen). Then I take a large piece of meat, not small ‘cold cuts’ which could easily fall between the grill grooves. The BBQ smoker must be fired and the temperature must be available (a cold pan cannot cook either).

The ideal BBQ temperature is 120 ° C and if possible only use dry and well-stored hardwood (from the farmer e.g. beech or other hardwood) the greater the piece of meat is all the easier when barbecuing Rule of thumb: approx. 1 hour of barbecue time per 1 kg Put the most important and largest part in the middle of the main chamber and everything that needs more temperature all the way to the right in the main chamber (watch out for flames) Fish and other things that need to be cooked carefully should be placed in the middle or to the left or, if available, in the smoke tower.

The longer a large piece lies in the BBQ Smoker, the better it becomes enemy: No time and too much heat or flames which can easily reach the grill friend : Lots of time, lots of friends and the whole family and everything on the BBQ Smoker and have some drinks ready and enjoy and the second cut piece will taste even better (leave large pieces in the BBQ and cut continuously e.g. for the 2nd plate or the lookup).