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Dear BBQ friend and or enthusiast

Please allow us to explain short who is Cactus Jack and the entire story of real BBQ in Europe.

We started over 30 years ago with Oklahoma Joe and established with this brand the real BBQ and or the BBQ Smoker market with an international Distribution very succesfully.

Many people determine even a BBQ Smoker with ‘OKI’ how the call this categery with a littl smile on their face and or they use the name locomotive as a discription of this cooking method.

We became in a few years extreemly succesful with this brand and product and invested a lot of time and money and did a great marketing effort by establishing all national and European

and World wide BBQ organisations and Championships. After Oklahoma Joe had to close down the British government helped us to set up very fast a new production facilty in UK.

We also wanted to ensure that never ever anybody could close or ‘take away our brand’ this is why we created the new brand Cactus Jack and the reason why Oklahoma Joe as a brand

was for 20 years not available and seen in Europe was based on an agreement with the new buyer of the brand who was only able to use this brand in USA at that time.

We ended up with 2 manufacturers in Italy and one of them is still producing for now over 25 years for us in Perugia Umbria on the country side north of Rome. This family enterprise

ensures quailty and all hand made with love and respect and dignity for the BBQ. We continue to ensure innovation and design and constant improvement and we are far away from

where we started in quality and in features and cooking possibilities than what we had sourced in USA luckily. The picture belowis a great example of our latest innovation of a 20″ Texas

Special BBQ with an insulated firebox with an genious new airflow system with a double rack over the entire length (demountable) with 2 Cactus Jack Thermometers and extreeme little

wood or fire needed to get a great constant fire and temperature over a very long cooking time.




All important Championships have been won by teams cooking with Cactus Jack!

6,5 mm rolled steel is our standard for 16″ BBQ’s and 7,5 mm rolled steel is our standard for 20″ BBQ’s. The 16″ Texas Special shown above is made out of 5 mm steel to ensure the smooth

and round look matching the the end caps left and right.

Black Fire is the name of our partner of the production company and therefore we also use 2 names for the marketing: Cactus Jack and Black Fire depending on the chanels and the markets

we are using the specific models.


16» Indiana Joe 2024 demontierbar 4 mm Stahl

Der erste demontierbare Black Fire Indiana Joe!

1990 CHF

790 CHF

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