Black Fire

Well who is Black Fire and what is Black Fire ?

Black Fire is the name of our production facility in Perugia Umbria Italy.

This name was created about 10 years ago and my manufacturer partner and ourselves decided to use this great name also for a second line in addition to Cactus Jack!

This modern and somehow less ‘rustic’ design is made out of 3 mm rolled steal and cooks and works just great also.

Less weight to move around and in Spring and Summer so with warm temperatures this unit cooks as well as a Cactus Jack the brother of Black Fire if you would like to call it so.

3 mm steal is far superior than 1 mm or 2 mm and the unit is made with the knowledge and love as we use for the production of Cactus Jack.

In extreeme cold seasons or winters it migth take a bit longer to get the heat stable in the main chamber with 3 mm but this is minimal and only noticeable for an experienced

BBQ Smoker user. The Black Fire is comparable with a 2 Liter engine in the car world and the Cactus Jack with a 5 or 6 Liter engine only we consume very little energy or wood and

the thicker the metal is the more stabile becomes the temperature.

This new and very elegant line has been created to serve different sales chanels depending on the market and also to cover different price points.



The shown 16″ Winchester from Black Fire comparable in size with the 16″ Longhorn from Cactus Jack is a very versatile unit. Elegance and modern design and great price is getting very close together.


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